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Being charged with a sex crime in Mesa is a very hard thing to face. You risk being judged by your peers and ostracized by society, especially if you are found guilty of a sex crime in Mesa. Because of Mesa enforces Arizona’s tough laws regarding sex offenders, many sex crime convictions could include prison, jail, probation and mandatory sex offender registration as part of the penalty. Once a registered sex offender, you cold face restrictions on where you can live and work in Mesa, not to mention the humiliation of having such a label placed on you.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your charges and any previous history of sex crimes or criminal offenses, you risk facing harsh penalties if convicted of a sex offense in Mesa. Prison time, fines, community service, probation, and mandatory sex offender registration could all result from a Mesa sex crime conviction. Mesa sex crimes defense attorney Joshua S. Davidson represents clients throughout Mesa facing a wide variety of sex offenses, including:

Having experienced and knowledgeable Mesa attorney Joshua S. Davidson representing you will help ensure that your legal rights are protected and that someone is fighting for you in the face of a sex crime allegation. The criminal justice system in Mesa is complex and the prospect of facing a sex crime charge can be overwhelming. Sex crime defense lawyer Joshua S. Davidson will handle your Mesa case from beginning to end and will use his experience as a sex crimes prosecutor to help develop effective defense strategies that may prove valuable in achieving a favorable resolution of your case.

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