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Sex offenders are aggressively targeted and prosecuted in Scottsdale. Throughout his career as both a sex crimes prosecutor and defense attorney, Joshua S. Davidson has seen first hand what happens when a person is charged and convicted for a sex offense. Arizona laws are very rigid when it comes to sex crimes, and persons accused of committing them in Scottsdale face prosecutors, judges and juries who particularly despise those accused of perpetrating of these crimes, especially if the victim was a child. Scottsdale sex crimes investigators will stop at nothing to build a case against individuals facing sex crime charges, so it is extremely important that you have a Scottsdale sex crimes defense attorney on your side to protect your rights and help defend your future and your freedom.

Scottsdale attorney Joshua S. Davidson previously worked as a prosecutor in Pima County and Maricopa County where he dealt with a wide variety of charges, including sex offenses. His time as a prosecutor has proven very beneficial to practice as a Scottsdale defense lawyer because he is equipped to see all sides to a case and has a unique insight into the prosecutors’ strategies that comes only with the experience of having been a prosecuting attorney himself. Because he knows what is coming, he prepares thorough defense strategies that seek to directly contribute to the success of his cases, and Scottsdale clients find him to be very valuable for this reason. Scottsdale attorney Joshua S. Davidson handles the following types of sex crime charges:

Regardless of the specific sex crime charges you are facing in Scottsdale, attorney Joshua S. Davidson knows how to handle your case, so contact him today!

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