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If you or someone you know has been charged with a sex offense involving child abuse, Phoenix Sex Crime Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson can provide you with legal representation. Being charged with a sex crime in Phoenix is very difficult to face, especially if a child is involved. Prosecutors, judges and juries take charges involving child sexual abuse very seriously and tend to prosecute these cases in a very strict manner. Because of the nature of child sexual abuse crimes, an accusation can be extremely embarrassing and humiliating, even if you are never convicted. Defendants charged with child sexual abuse in Phoenix face lengthy potential prison sentences and a lifetime of scrutiny and criticism because of mandatory sex offender registration laws in Arizona, it is difficult to escape the stigma of this crime.

Child abuse includes a broad range of sex crimes under Arizona law, and may include child molestation, sexual conduct with a minor, sexual abuse of a child under 15, or sexual assault. Child sexual abuse includes not only offenses of physical contact, but might also encompass noncontact abuse as well, such as indecent exposure, luring of a child and child pornography.

Phoenix Child Sexual Abuse Attorney Joshua S. Davidson

Child sexual abuse cases in Phoenix can be very complex. Because the main witnesses are usually children, getting accurate witness testimonies can be difficult, especially if the child is very young. As an experienced Phoenix sex crime defense lawyer, Joshua S. Davidson understands the methods used by police and counselors to conduct forensic interviews of suspected child sex abuse victims and, more importantly, how to challenge any suggestive or otherwise inappropriate methods used by the police during this critical initial interview of the child. Joshua S. Davidson also understands how some people in Phoenix falsely accuse others of committing child sexual abuse in order to gain custody, payment or retribution.

Even for a first offense, a child sexual abuse conviction in Phoenix can result in long prison sentences and mandatory sex offender registration upon the completion of your prison term. A child sexual abuse conviction has the potential to turn your life upside down, so it is extremely urgent that you contact a Phoenix lawyer who is capable of dealing with your charges in the most effective manner possible. As your defense attorney, Joshua S. Davidson will personally handle your child sexual abuse charges from start to finish and provide you with serious and aggressive representation that will be vital to maximze the chances of achieving a successful outcome of your case.

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