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Child Pornography typically involves the possession, distribution or manufacturing of sexually explicit materials depicting minors.  If you are facing child pornography charges in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale or Scottsdale, your case calls for serious and aggressive legal representation from qualified Phoenix sex crimes defense lawyer Joshua S. Davidson.  As a former Maricopa County prosecutor, he knows what to expect from prosecutors because he used to be one.  As your Phoenix sex crime defense attorney, he will seek highly effective defense strategies that will help maximize the chances that you do not receive an unnecessarily harsh penalty for child pornography charges. 

Under Arizona law, Child Pornography is technically described as the crime of “Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.”  Illegal images can be possessed in any number of ways, including print media, videotape, film, compact disc, and pictures downloaded from websites on the internet.  Regardless of how the image is transmitted or stored, it is considered to be illegal under Arizona law and subject to some of the harshest penalties in the entire country.  With the increasing availability of images from the internet, more and more cases of child pornography have been charged, and laws have been set in place by government officials to address child pornography and treat violators harshly.  If the child depicted is less than 15 years old and you are convicted of this extremely serious offense, the law requires that the judge sentence you to a minimum of ten (10) years in the Arizona State Prison for each image you possess or have stored on the hard drive of your computer.  More importantly, if you are convicted of possessing more than one image, the sentences must run consecutively or one after another.  Because hundreds of images can be placed on a person’s computer with the click of a button or mouse, a person charged in a child pornography or Sexual Exploitation of a Minor case could potentially face a life sentence.

Sexual Exploitation of Minor is committed when a person either: 

  • Photographs, films, duplicates, records, or develops any visual depiction of a child engaged in exploitive exhibition or other sexual conduct; or
  • Possesses, receives, distributes, exhibits, transports, purchases, exchanges, sells, or electronically transmits any visual depiction of a child who is engaged in exploitive exhibition or other sexual conduct.

Because the term ”exploitive exhibition" is given a broad definition under child pornography laws enforced in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa and Glendale, a person can be charged with Sexual Exploitation of a Minor even when the child appearing in the images is not an actual person.

If you have been charged with a child pornography offense involving images found on a computer, you need a Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorney who understands and knows how to effectively use computer forensics to properly develop a defense in your case.  If child pornography is discovered on a computer you once used, the prosecution cannot obtain a conviction unless they can further prove that you knew the images were there.  Phoenix Child Pornography Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson will engage the services of a forensic computer analysis to examine your computer and collect any evidence regarding when certain files were accessed and, in some cases, who accessed them.  With internet hackers and cyber crime becoming more prevalent every day, Joshua S. Davidson will also investigate the possibility that the pictures were placed on your computer remotely by another person without your knowledge.

Do not leave yourself susceptible to the public humiliation and severe penalties for a child pornography conviction by attempting to handle your case with an inexperienced lawyer.  As your Phoenix sex crimes defense attorney, Joshua S. Davidson will handle your case from start to finish by providing you with the individual attention it will take to maximize the chances of having your child pornography charges reduced or dismissed. 

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