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After being convicted of a sex crime, some people are required by law to register with Arizona’s sexual offender registry.  Depending upon the specific sex crime charged, there is a specified amount of time the defendant has in which to register, and sometimes extenuating circumstances or mere forgetfulness can lead to failure to register.  This offense is taken very seriously by Phoenix prosecutors and judges, for they take failure to register as an indicator that the defendant is not rehabilitated and has no desire to take responsibility for their actions.

Sex offender registration is mandatory for felony convictions in Arizona, and if convicted of a misdemeanor sex offense, you may or may not be required to register, depending upon the circumstances surrounding your sex crime charges.  Sex offender registration in Phoenix serves to place certain restrictions on sex offenders, such as their home and workplace location in relation to certain public areas where children are, including schools and playgrounds.  Failure to register is considered a felony offense, so it extremely urgent that you contact a Phoenix attorney to help handle your case. 

Phoenix Sex Offender Registration

Phoenix sex crimes defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson worked as a prosecutor for five years and dealt with cases involving failure to register charges.  His experience as a prosecutor has enabled him to see all sides to the cases he takes today as a defense lawyer, and he creates more effective defenses as a result.  If you have been charged with failure to register in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa or Tempe, you should know how unforgiving judges and prosecutors can be regardless of your reasons for failing to register.  Having Phoenix sex crime defense lawyer Joshua S. Davidson on your side will increase your chances of avoiding harsh penalties that can follow a failure to register conviction. 

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