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Due to the recent increase of police and network television operations aiming to locate and arrest online sex offenders, Phoenix lawyers are representing an increasing number of clients charged with luring.  Luring a minor for sexual exploitation is classified as a class three felony offense in Arizona, and is punished as a "Dangerous Crime Against Children" if the alleged child is under 15 years of age.  If you are facing luring charges, it is highly recommended that you contact a Phoenix Sex Crimes Defense Attorney immediately.  Joshua S. Davidson, criminal defense lawyer, handles cases involving luring charges in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale and Scottsdale and has much experience dealing with sex crimes and sex offenses. 

Luring a minor for sexual exploitation occurs when a person offers or solicits sexual conduct with another person knowing or having reason to know that the other person is under 18 years old.  Luring is a common scenario these days in Phoenix, and is portrayed on evening news specials across the country.  Law officials attempt to nab criminals for luring minors for sexual exploitation by posing as underage males or females in internet chat rooms.  Once the police have obtained enough evidence against the perpetrator, they schedule a face to face meeting and arrest the defendant upon arrival.  It is not a defense to a Luring charge in Phoenix that the “child” involved in the case was really an undercover police officer posing as a minor.  If the purported “victim” is under 15 years of age and the Luring charge is filed as a Dangerous Crime Against Children, the sentencing judge must order a punishment of not less than five years in the Arizona State Prison.  The sentence for a “DCAC” Luring conviction in Phoenix can be increased to as much as 15 years per charge and the person convicted is not eligible for probation. 

Charges of “Aggravated Luring” can be filed in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa or Tempe when the defendant is accused of transmitting an inappropriate image to the “victim” in connection with an attempt to solicit sexual conduct.  If the victim is under the age of 15, a conviction for Aggravated Luring mandates a sentence of at least 10 years in prison.  The prison term can be increased up to 24 years and must run consecutive to any other punishment imposed for a Luring conviction or other Dangerous Crime Against Children.

As an experienced Phoenix sex crime defense attorney, Joshua S. Davidson realizes how unfair this situation can be and will work tirelessly to defend you against luring charges.  The most common defense Phoenix lawyers use for luring charges is to demonstrate that the police entrapped the defendant by enticing them to engage in an inappropriate conversation.  Specifically, the defense of entrapment requires the defendant to prove the following:

  • The person was urged and induced to lure the minor by the police;
  • The idea of luring the minor began with the police and not with the defendant; and
  • Before the police urged and induced the defendant to offer or solicit sexual conduct with the minor, he was not predisposed to do so.

Even if certain evidence such as condoms, money, or other products used during sex are found on the defendant, it can be difficult for prosecutors to obtain a conviction if the defendant can establish an entrapment defense.

Whatever circumstances surround your Phoenix luring charge, Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson will use his knowledge and experience to create a defense that will be essential to fighting the charges against you.  Do not attempt to defend yourself or wait until you are arrested to consult with a Phoenix Sex Crimes Defense attorney; attempting to do so could be detrimental to your luring case.  Contact Phoenix criminal defense attorney Joshua S. Davidson as soon as you suspect you are under investigation for luring.  As your Phoenix sex crime defense lawyer, he will provide you with the serious and aggressive representation your luring case deserves. 

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