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The laws pertaining to prostitution and solicitation in Arizona have a reputation for being among the most severe in the country. Prostitutes and those soliciting the services of prostitutes face mandatory jail time if convicted. Phoenix sex crime defense attorney Joshua S. Davidson handles cases involving prostitution and solicitation charges, including the following types of people:

  • Those soliciting the services of prostitutes
  • Prostitutes
  • “Massage Parlor” and Brothel owners

Arizona law defines prostitution as engaging in, agreeing to, or offering to engage in sexual conduct with another person under a fee arrangement with that person or any other person. A prostitution or solicitation conviction in Phoenix calls for mandatory minimum jail sentences including:

  • First Offense: 15 days
  • Second Offense: 30 days
  • Third Offense: 60 days
  • Fourth Offense: 180 days

As an experienced Phoenix sex crimes defense attorney, Joshua S. Davidson knows how to defend you against prostitution and solicitation charges.

If you have been charged with solicitation, chances are that you may have engaged in a conversation with an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute. As with any criminal investigation involving the use of undercover police, the potential of an entrapment defense needs to be evaluated by and experienced Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney who understands how to properly identify and challenge those cases involving inappropriate police coercion. Entrapment is an “affirmative defense” under Arizona law, meaning that it must be proven by the Defendant. In the context of a prostitution or solicitation charge, entrapment requires proof of the following:

  • The person was urged and induced to solicit an act of prostitution or solicitation by the police;
  • The idea of solicitation or prostitution began with the police and not with the defendant; and
  • Before the police urged and induced the defendant to commit an act of prostitution or solicitation, they were not predisposed to do so.

Even if your prostitution or solicitation case does not involve entrapment, The Phoenix law enforcement officials who placed you under arrest may not have followed the proper procedures required by law, including reading you your Miranda rights or obtaining a search warrant before performing a search. As your Phoenix prostitution and solicitation defense lawyer, Joshua S. Davidson will examine all the information and evidence surrounding your case to maximize the chances of having the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Do not turn a blind eye to prostitution or solicitation charges. Ignoring the charges will only harm the outlook of your case, and it is vital to enlist the assistance of a qualified Phoenix lawyer who will take all the precautions necessary to help achieve the best possible result of your prostitution or solicitation case. Phoenix defense attorney Joshua S. Davidson provides serious and aggressive representation to every client and will do everything in his power to protect your rights.

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